Principal Engineer, of a Global Networking company – January 2021

I’ve happily worked with Joe and Youshan from Advantage PCB for several years.

Youshan’s taken our schems and a rough placement guide and delivered finished PCB layouts with minimal guidance.  These designs always included high-speed signals including multi Gbit diff pairs, which were not a problem.

I’d have no hesitation in recommending Youshan for any PCB layout work.

Director, of a Sydney based company of PCB Assembly services – 20 December 2020

Advantage PCB (Joe Xiras) has been a supplier of Printed Circuit Boards and Solder Paste Stencils to our group spanning the past eight years.

We have found his service over this time to be highly valuable as his service was market competitive and deliveries of materials were always on time.

In addition to the above, Advantage PCB has also been a keen supporter of our operation in providing PCB Design services on an ad-hoc basis where we did not have the skillset or resources to modify Printed Circuit Boards.

We are pleased to have a business association with Advantage PCB and consider Advantage PCB as a highly desirable supplier.

Electronics Manager, of a Rail Services company – October 2020

I have been working as a Design Engineer in the Rail Industry, for over 20 years.  The majority of the products I have designed include electronic safety equipment for rail customers such as Sydney Trains, Queensland Rail, Bombardier, and EDI Rail to list a few.  Over this period of time, I have regularly contracted Joe Xiras and Advantage PCB both for PCB design layout and manufacturing.

The Advantage PCB group has always provided high-quality service and advice.  Joe and his team have extensive knowledge and wide experience in PCB design. They are committed to delivering high-quality designs and products and I have always experienced an excellent customer relationship with them.

I would not hesitate to recommend Advantage PCB.

Director of Operations, of a Sydney based leading PCB Assembly house – September 2020

I have been associated with Advantage PCB Pty Ltd since 2003.

Advantage PCB has become a vital partner to our PCB assembly operations, always performing in a professional and timely manner.  The skills supplied by Advantage PCB have raised our overall performance and deliverables to our clients.

Advantage PCB has been supplying printed circuit boards and solder paste stencils for our clients, and seamlessly resolving any layout issues or queries as required for specific projects.  They have developed strong working relationships with overseas suppliers and that has proven invaluable with sometimes fairly critical projects.

We have been able to speed up the assembly process by using Advantage PCBs’ skills in the layout panelisation.  By doing this we have also reduced the cost and shorted the leadtime in the PCB manufacturing process.

In addition to just supplying PCBs we have also used Advantages PCBs’ turnkey solution to provide a full kit of electronic components.  In some instances, they have provided design assistance to our customers and have provided further assistance in setting up test apparatus as part of the full turnkey process.

I have over thirty years of experience in PCB assembly and I have no hesitation in recommending Advantage PCB as a design service or as a supply partner for blank PCBs.

Principal Engineer, of an Audio Visual Organisation developing technologies and peripherals for global markets – August 2020

I have known Joe Xiras for more than 20 years,  and for the last 16 years, Joe as lead/manager for Advantage  PCB. 

We have relied on Advantage PCB on a wide range of services, from the complete design of PCBs to remedial work and from prototypes to design for manufacture.   Several Advantage PCB designs are seamlessly manufactured in volumes well into volumes of 100K units per year.  

Advantage addresses a wide range of topics in PCBs design; from stack design, power distribution, effective component placement,  controlled impedance designs, and signal integrity.  During the design-process Advantage PCB gives sound advice and they are happy to consider suggestions.  And use guidelines either from design engineers or overseas volume manufacturers.   In our case workflows in both ways in a successful implementation.    

We have successfully integrated Advantage PCB services as our to-go PCB designers and they have been extremely reliable and delivered in a timely manner. 

Our success is no small part of their sound advice and comprehensive approach to the designs of PCBs.